6. VI - The Ideal Gas Law

Umit Aslan, Nick LaGrassa
45 minutes
High School


This lesson asks the students to connect all their previous gas particle investigations. In contrast to previous lessons, they do not conduct any model-based explorations. Instead, they work on connecting the three gas equations they developed in the previous lesson and they try to apply those models to a real-world gas-related problem. They are then introduced to the Ideal Gas law, PV = nRT, which is a combination of the three models.

Underlying Pages


Next Generation Science Standards
  • Physical Science
    • [HS-PS2] Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions
  • NGSS Crosscutting Concept
    • Patterns
    • Systems
    • Structure and Function
  • NGSS Practice
    • Analyzing Data
    • Constructing Explanations, Designing Solutions
    • Asking Questions, Defining Problems
    • Using Models
    • Arguing from Evidence
    • Conducting Investigations
Computational Thinking in STEM
  • Data Practices
    • Analyzing Data
    • Collecting Data
    • Creating Data
    • Manipulating Data
    • Visualizing Data
  • Modeling and Simulation Practices
    • Assessing Computational Models
    • Designing Computational Models
    • Using Computational Models to Find and Test Solutions
    • Using Computational Models to Understand a Concept
  • Computational Problem Solving Practices
    • Assessing Different Approaches/Solutions to a Problem
    • Computer Programming
    • Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • Systems Thinking Practices
    • Investigating a Complex System as a Whole
    • Thinking in Levels
    • Understanding the Relationships within a System