Preview - Intro To Learning With Computational Models

Constructing knowledge by engaging in scientific inquiry practices


Please answer the questions below.

Explore a more detailed version of the fire model above.

Explain what "probability-of-spread" might mean in the model and how it would affect the behavior of the model.

Write a questions that is of an interest to you which can be answered using this model.

An example of such question would be, how does wind speed affect spread of fire?

Based on your exploration of the model, guess an answer to your question and state it in the form of a testable statement (hypothesis) - something that you can test using the model.

Design an experiment to test your hypothesis. Explain your design.

Perform the experiment. Describe your observations and explain whether those support your hypothesis or not.


These notes will appear on every page in this lesson so feel free to put anything here you'd like to keep track of.