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Observe the Arduino Set Up

Observe the video of a fully completed arduino and bread board setup.

When you are finished observing, rejoin your group and discuss what is happening to cause the breadboard/arduino to do what they are doing. How do the light bulbs light? Of course the video shows you how to code and plug the lights in, but what is happening inside the wires to make those light bulbs do what they're doing? Things must be happening at a very tiny level in order for such a small thing to function!

Your teacher may also have a physical arduino set up for you to look at in person.

When you're finished discussing, write what you think is going on. You might not know the right answer, but do your best to make your description as detailed as possible. Remember, it is not helpful to simply write what you saw. You want to make sure to zoom in to what's happening at a < microscopic level!


Please answer the questions below.

You and your group discussed how you think the arduino/breadboard setup works. In a well-thought-out paragraph, describe how you think the arduino/breadboard setup works below.


These notes will appear on every page in this lesson so feel free to put anything here you'd like to keep track of.