10. Automating Circuits - Introduction to Simple Coding

Melissa Beemsterboer
30 minutes
High School Honors Physics


In this lesson students will start describing what they know in computer programming terms in order to see how to port over to the realm of coding their circuits. They will describe a set of "rules" for something just as in coded language the code is a set of "rules" for the computer program to follow. They will also need to realize they can't miss a step, even if it seems obvious to them!


In Lesson 2, you will be asking students to talk you through the steps of something very simple, like making a peanut butter sandwich. They will likely skip steps, so be sure to follow their directions EXACTLY. If they say "First put the peanut butter on the bread", literally take the jar of peanut butter and put it on top of the loaf of bread.

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