Preview - Electrons To Electricity - How Does A Circuit Work?

Extension - What are Wires, Really?

Think back to your activity where you made the light bulb light using two wires, a battery and a bulb. Then think about the scenario where you only used one wire and a bulb, and how you were able to try a few orientations that worked.        


Please answer the questions below.

Would this circuit work if the wires were slightly longer?



Would this circuit work if the wires were slightly shorter (but could still reach everything they needed to)?


Recall the scenario where you were able to make the light bulb light with one wire and a battery. How is it possible that the second wire is not needed? Be sure to explain the path of electrons in your answer.

Based on your discoveries from the activity, is there another material that could work in place of the wire? Think of at least 5 and try to be creative!

Are humans conductors are insulators? Why do you think so?



These notes will appear on every page in this lesson so feel free to put anything here you'd like to keep track of.