Preview - Electrons To Electricity - How Does A Circuit Work?

Measuring Current

Watch your teacher to learn how to properly use a multimeter. You need to make sure that your multimeter is properly set up before measuring current in your circuit, so you don't blow your multimeter.

When your teacher has finished the demonstration, set up a circuit with your wires, battery, multimeter, and one of your materials to test.

Once you have set up your circuit, measure the current produced by each material and record your data. When you are finished with your investigation, answer the questions below


Please answer the questions below.

Fill in the data table below with the materials and current values that you received from the lab. To add more data, click the + symbol in the bottom row.

Which materials made good electrical conductors?

Which materials made good electrical insulators?

What type of clothes and shoes might you want to be wearing if you know you are going to be in close proximity to electrical circuits? For instance, what types of clothes would electricians wear?


These notes will appear on every page in this lesson so feel free to put anything here you'd like to keep track of.