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How does a Battery Work? continued...

Watch this short video on how batteries work. Then answer the questions that follow.


Please answer the questions below.

Many students believe that the discoveries of scientists throughout history built on each other to form the scientific views of the world we have today. Galvani believed that electricity was "stored in the very stuff of life" and just by having been living at one point, you could generate electricity.

Volta was the next scientist to come along. Did he take what Galvani said and run with it to take it further, or did he disagree completely?

Volta agreed with Galvani and built on his theory
Volta disagreed with Galvani and went a different direction.

What does your answer to the last question say about the process of uncovering truths in science?

Why do you think it's important to have a metal that wants to accept electrons and a metal that wants to give electrons in a battery?

Let's say you have a simple circuit with a battery, two wires, and a light bulb like the one below.

The light bulb will turn on when electrons flow past its filament. Why would gathering negative ions to one side of the battery encourage electrons to flow into the wire?


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