Preview - Animal Behavior Lab (Isopods)

Computationally model roly-poly behavior

Let's use the model from one of the previous lessons, except the "go" button does not work!!

You can make it work by programing behavior of roly-polies using blocks, so that they behave just like how you observed the behaving experimentally. 

CHALLENGE:  Add Chamber Preference

In the roly-poly animal behavior experiment that we conducted, we learned that roly-polies prefer the moist chamber over the dry chamber.  Code for that preference behavior using the NetTango blocks.  

Run your model.

Keep changing the parameter in the blocks until the roly-poly behavior in the model more closely matches the roly-poly behavior observed in the experiment we conducted.


Please answer the questions below.

Take screenshots of the NetTango code and of the graphs in your model. Upload the files.

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