Preview - Animal Behavior Lab (Isopods)

Designing and Constructing a Computational Model


Please answer the questions below.

Collect class data about roly-poly preference from the physical lab (actual experiments with real-world roly-polies). If you have not done the physical (wet) lab, find out the answer using google search. Make sure you use reliable information from the web.

What conditions did the roly-polies prefer?

Neutral pH
Acidic pH
Basic pH
No leaf litter
Leaf litter
No soil
No Food

Chose the conditions you want to test with the computational model.

Write your conditions here.

Now you will code new conditions into the model.

Follow the directions.  The screenshots will guide you.

You just modified code and created a new experimental model! Describe your experience.

Ask a Scientific Question that can be assessed by your new model. Write the question.

Make a prediction based on your new conditions. Write your prediction.

Describe your experimental design (initial conditions - number of roly-polies and chamber preference, and the number of ticks).

Explain the reasons for your choices of experimental conditions.

Run the experiment. Write your observations.

Do your predictions match the results of the model?  State your evidence.

Explain what you learned in the process of making modifications to this model.

What did you learn about computational modeling after you performed investigations on this page?


These notes will appear on every page in this lesson so feel free to put anything here you'd like to keep track of.