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Explore Computationally Enhanced Data Collection

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Please answer the questions below.

How is this computational experimental setup different from the one in the previous lesson? Write down any different features and what you think they do.

Play around with the model and design your protocol for data collection.

Your protocol design should include the initial conditions, the number of trials, and the time interval between two readings.

Write your design here.

Run an experimental trial with your protocol and upload a screenshot.

Upload files that are less than 5MB in size.
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Use CODAP to find means and standard deviations of the numbers of roly-polies in each chamber. See the video to understand how to use CODAP. [If the video is not displayed below, please ask your teacher to screen the video.]

What are the advantages of using a computationally automated data collection tool?


These notes will appear on every page in this lesson so feel free to put anything here you'd like to keep track of.