Preview - Simple Harmonic Motion - Simple Pendulum

Designing an experiment to find 'g'


Please answer the questions below.

How could you conduct a computational experiment with this model to find out 'g'?

(You will need to use information from the physical experiment you already performed with a real pendulum. If you have not done the physical experiment, use your imagination to design a computational experiment that can be also performed in real life.)

Conduct the experiment and find the value of 'g'. 

(Use the correct unit of time. You will need to convert 'ticks' to seconds.)

Design another computational experiment to verify that the period of the pendulum does not change if you change the release angle. Describe your experimental design.

Perform the experiment and write your observations.

Write the conclusion of your experiment.


These notes will appear on every page in this lesson so feel free to put anything here you'd like to keep track of.