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Computational thinking is a crucial science and engineering practice within the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Scientists, mathematicians and engineers all use computational thinking to solve problems and learn about the world. Why should classrooms be different?

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Our free classroom resources help teachers confidently integrate computational thinking into their classrooms.

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Our tried and tested lesson plan are NGSS-aligned, browser-friendly and free.

Designed to integrate with conventional curricula, CT-STEM lesson plans can be implemented on their own, or used to supplement lessons that you already feel comfortable teaching. Either way, your students will explore authentic computational practices that enrich convententional subject matter learning and nurture computational literacy.

Our content is co-designed with teachers, classroom tested, and backed by years of research at Northwestern University.

In addition, we offer discipline-specific coaching to all computing abilities. Our CT-STEM consultations and workshops have helped teachers confidently address the Next Generation Science Standards and equip their students for the future.

You can use our lessons to...

  • Enrich conventional content
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  • Explore authentic CT practices
    as relied upon by scientists, mathematicians and engineers
  • Meet modern education standards
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  • Nurture computational literacy
    see your students develop powerful and transferable computational skills
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What is CT?

Computational thinking empowers us to frame problems in a way that computers can help us solve them.

People are ingenious, but computers are lightning fast at processing information and following instructions. CT is about learning useful ways to compound our ingenuity with this raw, computational power.

Because computation is changing the way we think and learn about the world, understanding and leveraging its abilities has never been a more important skill for students to develop.

Where does CT fit in?

By equipping students with modern tools and challenging them to actively construct their understanding, you can boost content engagement while nurturing vital computational skills for the future.

Letting students explore and experiment before teaching them content can help to foster a genuine atmosphere of discovery in the classroom.

This is important because it provides the ideal context within which students can utilize authentic computational practices: exploring new ideas and developing their own methods of inquiry.

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