Where Does A Car’S Energy Go When It Comes To A Stop? The Physics Of Regenerative Braking In Electric Vehicles. - Preview

Where Does A Car’S Energy Go When It Comes To A Stop? The Physics Of Regenerative Braking In Electric Vehicles.

Subject: Mathematics,Physics
Time: 45 minutes
Level: High School Physics

Lesson Overview

Students will learn about the conservation of energy and develop skills with defining and preparing problems for computational solutions.

Student Outcomes:

  • Knowledge (Students will know that...)

    • A system’s total energy is conserved, even as, within the system, energy is continually transferred from one object to another and between its various possible forms.

    • The most common method of braking in motor vehicles is friction braking which results in the conversion of the car’s kinetic energy into thermal energy which dissipates in the form of heat.

    • Many hybrid or electric vehicles use regenerative braking which increases vehicle efficiency by capturing some of its kinetic energy and storing it as chemical energy which can be used to power the car.

  • Skills (Students will be able to...)

    • Identify objects, attributes, relationships in a system

    • Create appropriate representation of a problem and solve problem

    • Generalize problem solving process into a series of steps (pseudocode)

  • Epistemologies (Students will understand that...)

    • Understand the role of representation in the solution process.

    • Understand the role of abstraction/approximation in the process.



  • How to calculate kinetic energy using KE = ½mv2

  • Kinetic energy, thermal energy, and chemical energy are different forms of energy

  • Friction, work = Fd, F=ma

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Next Generation Science Standards
Computational Thinking in STEM
  • Modeling and Simulation Practices
    • Designing Computational Models
  • Computational Problem Solving Practices
    • Creating Computational Abstractions
    • Preparing Problems for Computational Solutions
  • Systems Thinking Practices
    • Defining Systems and Managing Complexity
    • Understanding the Relationships within a System

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Where does a car’s energy go when it comes to a stop? The physics of regenerative braking in electric vehicles.