Netlogo Investigations In Electromagnetism (Niels) - Preview

Netlogo Investigations In Electromagnetism (Niels)

Subject: Physics
Time: 2 weeks

High School


Students will explore Coulomb's Law and connections between Kinematics and Electrostatics Motion. Students will learn that oppositely charged particles attract each other and particles with the same charge repel each other. Students will discover that Coulomb’s force between a pair of particles is determined by the distance between the particles and the charge of each particle.

Students will learn about electric field lines and motion of electrons in an electric field. Students can also reflect about the relationship between force and motion • Students will directly confront a very common misconception: electric field lines also represent trajectories of charges. They will develop an understanding of why that is not necessarily the case, and learn to differentiate between field lines and paths of charges.

Students will learn that electric current depends on length, and width of the wire, as well as the applied voltage. Additionally, students will learn to develop measures for measuring electric current.

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    • Arguing from Evidence

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