Exploring Dna Replication - Preview

Exploring Dna Replication

Subject: Biology
Time: 90 Minutes
Level: High School General Biology

Lesson Overview

The DNA Replication Fork model helps students to simulate the process of DNA replication that occurs in every living thing as part of mitosis and meiosis. Students manipulate the simulation to see how different proteins work together to copy DNA. Students also learn how DNA relies upon patterns to replicate itself correctly and how mistakes in replication can sometimes occur.

Exploring DNA Replication

   Lesson Summary

   Setting Up The Model

   Part 1: Replicating DNA

      Challenge 1: Unwind The DNA

      Challenge 2: Unzip The DNA

      Challenge 3: Polymerize DNA

      Challenge 4: Completely Replicate DNA

   Part 2: Experimenting With The Model

      Challenge 5: Changing The Pace

      Challenge 6: Changing The Supply

      Challenge 7: Breaking The Rules

      Challenge 8: Mutations!


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Next Generation Science Standards
  • Life Science
    • [HS-LS3] Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

Computational Thinking in STEM
  • Modeling and Simulation Practices
    • Using Computational Models to Understand a Concept

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Exploring DNA Replication

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